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It happens to everyone in a while that sometimes you get a cold or the flu, and that you are not able to do…anything! To me this happened last week, with the result that, now I’m recovered, I need to catch up with everything again. That also means I have to work on new blogs to upload, since, as bloggers know very well, blog posts aren’t made effortlessly!

However, in the meantime I hope you can enjoy the early signs of springtime in your city, and when it comes to reading blogs, I found this the right moment to share some of my current fave blogs with you! Here’s my list:

Girl in Florence on this blog you can find very much information about this awesome city;
2 Surviving in Italy this is a hilarious blog of an American expat in Italy;
3 Ciao Tutti this one is a Dutch blog about simply everything which has to do with Italy;
4 Tiana’s travels uhh yes, I like reading blogs of people living in Italy, but also about their travels to other countries!
By Regina she is a blogger coach, and writes for bloggers and creativepreneurs.

Also you can find me on Bloglovin where you can find other blogs I follow, and ofcourse even more very nice blogs to read! And don’t forget to follow me if you are on Bloglovin too! Soon I hope to upload lots of interesting new blog posts on Cities ’n Stories again. Enjoy reading !



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