Summer series pt 1: Pascal Campion

I admit: I am a fan. I can scroll for hours through his pictures! Pascal Campion knows how to capture various situations in colourful creations. For instance the summer! One of the best ways to spend the summer according to me is going to the beach during the day, and… ….going to the city for […]

the Cities ’n Stories summer series

Summer series It is that time of the year: summer! It’s the time for enjoying the long summer evenings, for going on holiday, for exploring new cities, and for most people it is a time to relax! During the upcoming month I will share with you a series of summer stories, and of summer images. […]

Contemporary architecture in Amsterdam.

Contemporary architecture in Amsterdam During your stay in Amsterdam you are obviously going for a walk through the city center.  I would do so too! That will give you an impression of the characteristic look this Dutch city already has for centuries. However, time doesn’t stand still, and yet there is also more to discover […]

Delft like a local

Ok, so I am a local of Delft, but even for me this map, the ‘like a local city guide’, offered some surprises! Earlier this year this new city guide was launched, an initiave of two locals to provide some advice for the many tourists who visit our city! The other interesting guide is from ‘Blue […]

Tip: experience the awakening city

My advice Do you also like to visit cities? And do you also sometimes feel a bit annoyed the highlights of the city are overcrowded with all the other tourists? Then this is my tip of the week: go for a walk in the city early in the morning! Ofcourse, if you are an early […]

Barcelona at night in 3 acts

1st act: Parking the car  We are driving the car in the center of Barcelona for quite some time already. It’s Wednesday night, and we are seeking a parking place. This is horrible, as it is in most large cities: the city centers are not car friendly, but, we are not giving up! We pass the hotel […]

March recap

March was a month in which I celebrated the one year anniversary of Cities ’n Stories! I looked forward to the future and travelled around the Netherlands from east to west! My experiences you can read in my blogs about Enschede, Rotterdam, and Gent, a city in Belgium. Finally, I uploaded a couple of pictures in […]

Ghent, chocolate and more

In Belgium lies one city everybody knows: Brussels! Depending on where you’re from, you will also know Ieper, Antwerp, but I wonder if you know the city called Ghent. Do you? If not, then this blog will be your introduction. Read and find out why this city is worth a visit! History To start with […]

To the east: Enschede city

If you are visiting the Netherlands, and you are in for exploring a couple of other parts of the country than only the famous ones such as Amsterdam, then this blog is for you! Where lots of tourists will focus on the west of the Netherlands, a visit to the eastern cities might be a […]