Living in the city: pros and cons

For a lot of people it is an ultimate dream: to live for a while in the center of a big city! Once you live in a city, you will realize a couple of things: Mostly the space you have is minimal, unless you are one of the lucky few with enough salary for a […]

Female solo traveling: my tips for a great experience.

Traveling solo? Did you ever consider solo traveling? Do you have the time to travel, but your friends and family haven’t? Ever wondered if travelling alone would also be an option to consider? I think you should try! Once you have experienced it as a fun way of traveling, it makes you feel like the […]

Colloseum Rome

Amazing Rome!

  Amazing Rome Rome is an amazing city. It’s where you can find a large amount of beautiful ancient architecture. From large buildings until the smallest details in the artwork, history is everywhere around you. It is also an amazing city, because it has various places where you can eat delicious food! And then you will […]

Why visit The Hague? 3 reasons

The Hague In the west of The Netherlands you can find another city which name is difficult to pronounce. I bet, you are finally able to pronounce “Enschede” (read my blog about this city here) now I give you the next challenge. And probably you will say “The Hague, it is not that difficult to […]

August recap

Brrr, hallo hersft? September is aangebroken en dat betekent voor de meesten van ons dat de vakantie nu echt weer voorbij is! Helemaal als het dan weer zo hard regent, de hele dag regent, of gerust een hele week, waardoor de temperatuur daalt naar 15 graden, lijkt het alweer heel lang geleden dat we niet […]

SAIL Amsterdam

Sail? What is it? SAIL Amsterdam is an event which is organized every five years in this city. It really is a feast of ships! You can visit SAIL for free to watch the large collection of Tall ships, historical ships and marine ships. Of course there is much more to experience! For example concerts, […]

Humans of New York, stories in pictures

What is it about? Probably some of you will know this blog Humans of New York where a guy named Brandon posts very awesome photo’s of the people of New York! By quoting a part of the conversation, the pictures become little stories. I’m quite impressed! And already for quite some time I am following his blog, […]

The young writer – summer series

The sweat poured down his face as he ran through the small streets which ran up steeply. That summer night Laurent ran as quick as he could through the streets of the 18th district of Paris. “Why were the streets here so steep!”  He couldn’t go back or stop anymore at this point. It was possibly already too […]

June recap

Summertime! It is July and here in The Netherlands summer has finally started! While it is the time to enjoy the nice weather, and to go to the beach, there will be probably some time to also check my blog! Reason I started with the summer series. But, before I continue with that, what has […]