A closer look at the bridges in Amsterdam.

Bridges in Amsterdam

Bridges and Amsterdam, these two are strongly connected. You will realize as soon as you take one step out of Amsterdam Central Station heading for the city center: after you have crossed the tram stops, your first steps will be on a bridge! In this blog I share some fun facts, and interesting information as well, about the bridges in Amsterdam. Here we go!
bridge Amsterdam 1

Fun facts! Did you know that…

  • long time ago, in the 16th century there were only 50 bridges and nowadays…
  • …in Amsterdam there are around 1500 bridges?
  • 252 of them you can find in the city center?
  • a lot of the bridges in Amsterdam have official names?
  • each bridge has a number?
  • the first bridges were built with wooden planks or stone? source

Amsterdam bridges 2
bridges amsterdam 3

The most photogenic: bridges across Prinsengracht and Amstel

You’ve realized now that there are a whole lot of bridges in Amsterdam. Don’t worry, the most photogenic ones lie in the city center, or very closeby. In the pictures above you can see for example the typical stone bridges in the Jordaan area across the Prinsengracht. Almost all bridges in this area are very beautiful and provide you the classic pictures. However, it is not the only area with gems, accros the river Amstel lie a couple of beautiful bridges as well, such as the one in the picture below! While these bridges were renovated, they kept their original contruction which makes them so special.
Amstel bridge

Modern bridges

There are a couple of modern bridges which are also interesting to see. And then I don’t mean the ones of the highway, but I mean for example this one in the picture below! Is is the Oosterdok bridge and you can find it nearby Amsterdam Central Station. This bridge lies next to Nemo.

Take a boat tour to see them from the water

Something very nice to do during your visit is taking a boat tour through the canals. This will provide you another perspective on the city, and you will learn more about the history of Amsterdam as well. Most boat tours, maybe even all of them, will take you to this place you can see in the picture below. It is in Jordaan area and the interesting fact is that from this point you can actually see seven bridges at the same time! Can you count all of them?
7 bridges amsterdam

A romantic kiss: the story of the Magere Brug

Since it is almost Valentines’Day, I just have to share this one. Across the river Amstel lies a very particular bridge named the Magere Brug (literally this means ‘skinny bridge’) and the story goes that if you kiss your loved one while standing on this bridge, your love will last forever…aww isn’t that romantic! You can give your visit to this bridge an extra romantic touch by visiting it at night. Then 1800 Led lights give this bridge a very romantic vibe. Happy Valentine!

Practical information

Make sure that for your visit to Amsterdam you obtain an I amsterdam City Card*. The I amsterdam City Card is your ticket to a more affordable, action-packed trip to Amsterdam. It provides free entry to the city’s top attractions, unlimited travel on public transport, a free canal cruise and significant discounts and giveaways! More information you can find on the website of I amsterdam. On their website you will find more information about boat tours as well. My advice is to walk a little further to Damrak, to check out which boat tours are available, since the prices of the boat tours may vary a bit. Are you still in search of an accomodation for your stay in Amsterdam? Find and book your accomodation via Booking.com*.

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